About Us

“ TIRLIN “ JSCo Povdiv is a construction company with rich history and progressive possibilities. The company became private after buying at 100% the municipal company "Tirlin" EAD. The traditions in construction are result of long history, dating back from 1967. 

92 people create the company, which buys up the municipal company and in 1997 with Decision №2276/8.4.1997 of County court - Plovdiv Joint-stock Company 'Tirlin" is registered. The company has over 270 employee - high qualified workers and well trained and experienced technical staff and administration. About 220 employee are working in Bulgaria and there are 50 to 70 workers in Israel. The company executes almost all construction works, designed with assembling construction schemes and over the system E1-72 is the only company in Plovdiv district. It executes all kind of construction works form factories and power stations to churches and kindergartens.

The company has administration buildings, stores, workshops and parking, situated over 1 ha in the northern part of Plovdiv.

On the ring-road Sofia-Asenovgrad near Kuklen road the company has Asphalt factory, gas and petrol station and storehouses with total area over 1.7 ha.

After the Privatization according to paragraph 35 in 1996 the company developed and enlarged itself as follows:

- increased the personnel;

- bought many machines and tools for effective and more effortless labor;

- bought new scaffoldings and frameworks;

- bought new transportation vehicles;

- bought the next parcel on 25 Maritza blvd

- reconstructed and modernized restaurant "Tirlin"

Since 1991 the company accomplishes construction works in Israel, at the begining as a subcontractor of "Glavbolgarstroi" company, next in partnership with "Yazov" company and over the last two years the company works independently. It built several multistory buildings in Rosh Haayin, Ashkelon, Netanya, Ashdod; industrial multistory buildings of "Vitalgo" in Tel Aviv; Stadium with 35 000 seats in Rishon Le-Zion; highway overpass in Rishon Le-Zion; residential-trade buildings in Tel Aviv, etc.

For high quality in the construction-assembly works the company is awarded with International award for quality "International Gold Star". In 1997 and 2000 is winner of the award "Golden vertical level" of the Regional Branch of Construction Chamber for best firm and in 2002 won the award "Golden trowel" of the Regional Branch of Construction Chamber for best buildings.

Three years in a row the company takes first place and the awards of "Komars" JSCo for biggest customer. It also bears the award of "Building and estates" newspaper in 1998.

The company is regular member of the Construction Chamber, Trade-Industrial Chamber, Business Chamber, Regional science-technic union, Restorers and preservers union, etc.

The company is a sponsor of many sports activities of Plovdiv Municipality as well as of cultural event like "Crossroad Stage".

In partnership with another two companies and physical individuals Tirlin contributed for the publishing of the Book for the Masters of the Bulgarian national revival "Stateliness bulgarian" in Bulgarian and English as well as several others like "Book about Plovdiv", "Book for the Holy Places in Bulgaria" and "Book about Kolyo Ficheto".